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Brad Pitt reveals the hilarious nickname that Leonardo DiCaprio gave him and that you would never expect

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Brad Pitt is Leonardo Dicaprio they seem to have established such a special relationship that they have labeled themselves with gods nicknames funny and very confidential that tell the bond that unites them, just as the same ex-husband told of Sunday evening Angelina Jolie just before going on stage SAG Awards for his textbook interpretation in the film Once upon a time in … Hollywood, on whose set, among other things, love (platonic obviously) broke out with the actor who became famous thanks to the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio at SAG Awadrs 2020.

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Brad Pitt and the nickname given to him by Leonardo DiCaprio

During the evening Brad Pitt appeared in great shape (no we are not referring to how cool he was in a tuxedo, although in fact we could have), in the mood to make witty jokes and full of good feelings, thus giving the spectators glued in front of the tv a long series of very unexpected curtains among which we cannot fail to mention the highly anticipated meeting with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston (which melted our hearts) and his hilarious acceptance speech by SAG as Best Supporting Actor in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: "I need to add it to my Tinder profilePitt joked while holding the prize. Of course it would be really incredible if between one user and another of Tinder it could actually happen to come across Brad (knowing of course that it's not a fake). Oh yes, in that case the inscriptions would skyrocket!

Before the start of SAG Awards 2020, Pitt entertained on red carpet of the event with some journalists to whom he revealed something unpredictable about his friendship with Di Caprio: "Lover (lover). He calls me this. It's a little confusing, but I'm fine with it"He joked the 56-year-old actor during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, then revealed something more about the bond that he created with the colleague of the set"I would say that we support each other and have a lot of mutual respect, we have fun together. It works, and it's pretty easy".

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As proof of the fact that between Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio there is a practically perfect harmony, the two remained seated next to each other throughout the evening of SAG Awards showing the feeling that unites them right now. Of course these two are really crazy together, who wouldn't want a couple of BFF like that?

What between Brad and Leo had been born afriendship really special it was already understood during the evening of the Golden Globe a few weeks ago, when Angelina Jolie's ex went on stage to collect the award for best supporting actor for the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: "I also have to thank my in crime, LDC"Said Pitt, thus revealing the nickname with which he calls DiCaprio"He is a real star, he is a gentleman and I would not be here without you friend. Thank you". But how wonderful is it to see two men who love each other so much and who are not afraid to express it in public? Simply adorable!

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