Boruto: unveiled the next antagonist of the series, here’s what his goal is

In the previous story arc of Boruto we were able to witness the battles against the fearsome Isshiki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki but it seems that the problems are not over for the ninja of the Leaf Village. Here’s what happened in the recent chapter.

Following a terrible clash, the protagonists finally managed to defeat the leader of the Kara Organization and to free Naruto’s son from Momoshiki’s control who took possession of his body. Unfortunately, however, a member of the antagonist group that has not been investigated so far seems to be preparing his next move.

A preview of the new opponent had already been shown in Boruto’s color pages. It is about Code, the man who had recently been seen monitoring the decacoda. Between the pages of the manga we discovered that he was destined to become a vessel but remained incomplete when Kawaki took his place. Currently, however, it seems that the new enemy’s goal is to go back to being a vessel, following the orders of Isshiki’s soul, he intends to devour one of the two boys possessing the Ten-Tailed Karma giving life to the Divine Tree.

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What do you think of this new opponent? You expected Code to be the new main enemy to take charge of ambitions of the previous leader by Kara? Write it to us in the comments.

Finally, I report a news regarding what Amado really hides in Boruto.


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