Boruto: the seven Hokage from the strongest to the weakest

To protect a ninja village from enemy incursions, a special figure is needed. In fact, the Hokage is not only a bureaucrat who deals with assigning missions and filling out paperwork, but it is also the strongest defense of the Leaf Village and so far, with Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, since the birth of Konoha there have been 7.

Boruto and Naruto’s Hokages have had beneficial effects on the village, but who was really the strongest? Let’s create a ranking of the seven Hokage of the Leaf Village.

Seventh place for the penultimate Hokage presented in this world so far. Kakashi Hatake is definitely a great ninja but he held this position only after losing his Sharingan, his strongest weapon. Despite his skill and experience, as well as deadly moves like Raikiri, he can’t hold a candle to other Hokage in these conditions.

Sixth place instead for Tsunade, the niece of Hashirama. The woman has excellent healing skills, a seal that allows her to store chakra and monstrous strength, as well as some excellent summons. Her abilities are superior to those of a normal ninja but still remains more focused on a support role than that of battle and is therefore disadvantaged compared to other Hokage.

The top 5 opens with Hiruzen Sarutobi, a legendary ninja able to use many magical techniques but with great skills also in melee. While we see him primarily as an elder in Naruto’s manga and anime, at the height of his strength while playing the role Sarutobi was a portentous ninja.

Fourth position for the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. His career in this role lasts very little: obtained after the Third Great Ninja War during which he also faces the Fourth Raikage and Killer Bee, he dies during the assault of Tobi and the Nine-Tailed Fox at the beginning of Naruto. His abilities, however, are amazing: in addition to being the creator of techniques such as Rasengan and the Instant Displacement Technique, he is able to use magical arts of all kinds.

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You enter the top 3 with the third Hokage, Tobirama Senju. Founder of the Leaf Village and one of the strongest ninja of his time, he took up the role of defender of Konoha after his brother’s death. Taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu: Tobirama masters every skill to perfection and has repeatedly overwhelmed opponents of great strength and danger.

The silver medal we award it to the elder brother Hashirama Senju, first Hokage of the village where Boruto resides. As a member of the Senju clan he has a chakra of extraordinary power and high stamina, while also gifted with a unique art. The name given to him, “god of shinobi”, does justice to the character and places him almost at the top of the ranking.

The protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, however, steals the highest place on the podium. We’ve seen Naruto’s growth in both the first series and Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, and all his abilities – from those inherited from his parents to those gained from the reincarnation of Asura to the Nine-Tailed Fox chakra techniques – make him one of the most powerful ninja that ever existed in the world created by Masashi Kishimoto, inferior only to the Otsutsuki.

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