Boruto: the previews of episode 169 reveal the return of a character

Over the many published episodes of the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations , sequel to the work created by Masashi Kishimoto, in addition to a new Team 7, we met the new generation of Konoha. The sociable and exuberant character of Boruto, has made many friendships to the ninja, and one of these will soon return to the series.

We know that after the time skip of the original series, between Naruto and Gaara A good relationship has been established, and since the protagonist has fulfilled his dream by becoming Hokage, the two have proved to be good friends also from an administrative point of view. Given the passing of the baton to the new generations of ninja, Boruto also had the opportunity to meet the adopted son of the Kazekage, Shinki.

Although there are not many opportunities to see Shinki at work, a short preview of theEpisode 169 he anticipated his temporary return alongside Boruto and his teammates. As you can read in the post at the bottom, in the episode in question, entitled “A Military Campaign in Common with the Sand”, we will see a momentary alliance between Konoha’s Team 10, made up of Ino’s children, Shikamaru and Choji, and Team Shinki from the Sand Village.

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While no other information has been revealed, whatever mission it is is not excluded a fortuitous meeting between Boruto and Shinki. Recall that Team 7 was defeated by Deepa, and that Mituski recently showed off his spectacular Eremitic Mode


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