Boruto: the preview of episode 171 anticipates the return of a great challenge

The latest episodes of the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have had important consequences for the ninjas of Team 7. While Mitsuki is in serious physical condition after the fight with Deepa, Sarada and Boruto have undertaken special training with excellent results, as shown in the preview of episode 171.

By title “The results of the training” the episode in question will focus on the new skills that the two young genin, after the teachings of Sasuke and Kakashi, are now able to do. The video you find at the bottom of the page opens with Sakura’s participation in her daughter’s training, who easily manages to surprise her mother and prepare a Technique of Fire, peculiar to the Uchiha clan.

In a short sequence we then see Orochimaru in front of some capsules, where Mitsuki is surely located. We know in fact that Sannin will have to find replacement organs for his son, given the conditions of the latter after the activation of the Hermitic Mode against Deepa, in order to save his companions. The scene that surprised the most, however, was seeing Boruto affrontare Shojoji, leader of the Mujina Bandits.

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In the quick images shown the protagonist did not hesitate to use the new Rasengan developed during training, characterized by the green color. A fan created a clip to show Sasuke’s death, and we remind you that a character will soon return to the series.


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