Boruto: the meeting between the protagonist and Kawaki finally shown in the anime

The Vessel saga of Boruto proceeds by showing us new characters belonging to the Kara Organization and introducing us to the mysterious Kawaki, who will soon come face to face with the protagonist. Here’s how the first meeting between the two took place.

In previous episodes of the series, Team 7 had to face To the, the veteran of the Village of the Mist who, despite having participated in the Fourth Great Ninja War alongside the Shinobi Alliance, due to some circumstances recently revealed in Boruto, turned out to be a traitor and a member of the Kara Organization. Later the warriors of Konoha found themselves having to face Kashin Koji, a powerful enemy able to use techniques known by Boruto’s father, surprising everyone present.

Having also survived this last clash, the boys and Konohamaru begin to wonder why the area in which they find themselves is kept under surveillance by the opposing group, arriving in the meantime in a place where a fight apparently took place. It is inside a large crater that the protagonists then see Kawaki.

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At the end of this news I report some of the images of the scene in question in which Boruto observes the unconscious boy, then approaching the latter the son of the Hokage notes that the mysterious young man presents him on his hand same symbol that he has on his own.

Although Kawaki is still unconscious it seems that he will finally take part in the subsequent stories of the ninja of the Leaf Village. Were you waiting for his arrival? Let us know in the comments.


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