Boruto, narrative arcs and comparison with the manga: the future of the anime explained simply

Sometimes there is no clarity in the subdivisions into narrative arcs of a Japanese product, especially if you tend to insert original content in the middle. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations he is going through a similar phase where he is about to enter one of the manga sagas but not really.

However, the comment from the manufacturer Honda may have shed some light on the future of the anime. Thanks to Organic Dinosaur who has schematized the situation, we can shed light on the structure of the next narrative arc of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. In the manga we have:

  • The arch of Kara which lasts from chapter 16 until the beginning of the Kawaki arc;
  • Ao's arc that lasts from chapter 18 to the beginning of Kawaki's arc.

Already this can confuse some users, but let's move on to that of the anime.

  • At the moment, an arc entitled "Arc of Kara's action";
  • This will then lead to the actual Kara arc from the manga;
  • Ao's arc is a further phase of Kara's arc, as well as in the manga.
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in Japan they therefore use the arc name for several reasons, while we could identify them in a main and a secondary narrative line. This means that both in the manga and in the anime we have a main Kara arch made up of several portions, and one of them is the story about Ao. The only difference between the two mediums will be the presence of a short original and previous story arc in the anime, titled Kara's Action Arc.

What do you expect from this future phase of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations? In the past few episodes Deepa, a member of Kara, made her debut.


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