Boruto: in what condition is Mitsuki after the events of the last episode?

Engaged in the new mission to protect the cells of the first Hokage, Boruto and his companions came across Deepa, a character introduced in the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as a member of the Kara organization, and which has put the entire Team 7 in trouble. Seeing his comrades on the ground, Mitsuki showed his true strength.

During the fight it was Deepa himself who presented his secret technique, which allows him to harden parts of his body thanks to manipulation of the carbon contained in his own organism. Using this particular skill he was able to stop the attacks of the two ninja, who after suffering a hard blow, both fell to the ground, unconscious.

Enraged by what happened, Mitsuki used his Hermitic Mode, thanks to which he was able not only to protect his friends, but also to escape the fight and find shelter. However, we know that with each activation of this modality his body suffers serious damage, and now the young ninja is in critical condition.

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In the last episode we see Boruto and Sarada in the hospital, recovering from the injuries sustained following the fight, while taking care of Mitsuki is her father, Orochimaru. The Sannin must perform a very complex procedure to save the life of the synthetically created son whose cells are rapidly dying.

In the past he had already told Mitsuki not to use the Hermitic Mode, and it seems that after the last activation the boy’s organs are not functioning properly. Orochimaru will then have to create new organs in a race against time, as Mitsuki’s conditions seem to worsen heavily by the hour.

We leave you to a fanart that shows Boruto and Sarada as adults, and remember that perhaps soon we will see the evolution of Sarada’s Sharingan.


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