Boruto: here’s how the protagonist led Ao on the road to redemption

Recent episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations they saw the ninja of Konoha collide with the fearsome Ao. This is how the son of the Seventh Hokage managed to resolve the situation.

Sent on a mission by Naruto, Team 7 arrived in the area where Konohamaru’s traces were lost, discovering a terrible truth: To the, ninja of the Mist Village and war hero has gone over to the side of the enemy by becoming a member of the Kara Organization. The man had the task keep the area free from unwanted presences that they could have approached the crashed aircraft since it carried the so-called Vessel, a mysterious instrument of primary interest to the villain group.

During the clash between the protagonists and the veteran shinobi armed with Scientific Ninja Tools, the latter, in Boruto, revealed the reasons that prompted him to change sides by telling the tragic consequences caused by the Fourth Great War which deprived him of the limbs. Now the man considers himself a tool of Kara and it is this statement that infuriates Boruto who, after having laid him with the Rasengan, surprises Ao with a speech.

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The boy’s words are shown in the video at the end of this news. It reminds the enemy that his ability to mourn for comrades who have fallen in battle they make him a living person and therefore should not be considered a mere tool. Like the parent, therefore, Boruto also managed to change the heart of his opponent thanks to the use of words. What do you think of it? Please let us know by leaving a comment.

Finally, I remember that episode 186 of Boruto is being considered by fans as one of the best in the series.


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