Boruto: Finally the mystery of Naruto’s MUSTACHES is revealed

The vast majority of us were struck by chapter one of Naruto, the protagonist’s whiskers, this when he was still a small child, but in each of the chapters this fact was never revealed. Then with the Boruto anime appearance, the junjurichi kept his mustaches on his face. Do they have a meaning?

The distinctive feature of Naruto came to open a debate among the followers who always wondered if they are caused by being the vessel for the nine-tailed beast (better known now as Kurama). But now, all that was speculation already have an answer in Boruto chapter 55.

Before continuing, The Truth News, warns you about Boruto chapter 55 spoilers, so you’re on time if you want to wait.

Boruto: Naruto and his whiskers

After learning about the tragic fate of Kurama and Naruto Usumaki in Boruto chapter 55, the followers of the manga are pointing to a cartoon where the Seventh Hokage appears along with Sasuke, Kawaki and Boruto as they regain strength from their fight against Isshiki Otsusuki.

But, it is not this scene that draws attention, but the face of Naruto, as he appears without the characteristic whiskers on his cheeks, pointing out that it is further proof of Kurama’s absence within his body.

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Remember, from the first Naruto series it was speculated that the child’s whiskers could be a trait with the kyubi that he had inside, but nothing was ever said about it, mainly because other jinchurikis did not introduce them.

But now that Kurama disappeared as a result of using the Barion Mode it is logical to think that Naruto lost this trait because he no longer has the chakra of it in his body.

However, it is not ruled out that it could be an error in the illustration, after all in the upper panel if Naruto can be seen with the aforementioned whiskers, or are they blows and marks from his last fight?

At the moment, both belief about the absence of Naruto’s whiskers lies in the loss of his partner.

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