Boruto: Could Naruto be Shukaku’s new Jinchuriki?

The manga of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations he simply surprised fans by killing the Nine-Tails, Kurama, after the demon fox spent his chakra against Isshiki Ōtsutsuki in the Chapter 55 of manga.

For a time, it seemed that his own Naruto he would be the one to bite the dust, but this has turned out to be a clever, albeit tragic misdirection as the Hokage has once again lost someone close to him.

The Truth News It reminds you that Naruto already lost his parents, Minato and Kushina, as well as his mentor, Jiraiya. The Uzumaki is older now with a family of his own and should be able to process this death a little better.

Kurama’s death is “official”

Even so, he and Kurama have been together since he was a baby, making fans wonder how the leader of Konoha will handle this loss. The answer to that could lie in the other Tailed Beasts and one of the closest to the Uzumaki family es Shukaku.

Naruto and the other Bijuu in Boruto

Naruto is the perfect host, or Jinchuriki, as his father infused Kurama into him when Obito tried to unleash him in the village of Konoha. No one understands physiology more than he does, and in the Kaguya War, all beasts, or Bijuu, trusted him and him alone.

All the Bijuu they kept their minds inside Naruto and held a council there, so Boruto’s father has the option of taking one or maybe even a series of Tailed Beasts on his body.

However, the best and safest bet would be for him to do what Hashirama, the First Hokage, did. Hashirama wanted to train the people of each nation so that they all have a Jinchuriki capacitado and a Beast with a tail.

They would be trusted soldiers and allow the shinobi alliance to keep the entities in check. Naruto could sync both parties and act as the leader of the collective. The free world remains vulnerable as the Kara Organization has remains lying around, so this also protects the creatures.

All the Bijuu of the Naruto universe

It is true that not everyone trusts humans, as was seen when Urashiki hunted them. This would be the chakra of Shukaku (One-Tailed Beast), which Gaara took care of as their host, but when the big gathering took place, Matatabi, Kokuō, and Chōmei abstained.

These beasts they didn’t want to be weapons again or be used by someone like Madara to bring back the Ten Tails. However, it would be great for Naruto to use his experiences with Kurama to help the Bijuu overcome this mistrust.

You can use a Gaara, as well as Killer B Y Gyūki (Eight Tails), as assistants, sharing their experience on how to make these super soldiers. Creating an army of Bijuu that could also fight terrorists like Kara or the Isshiki alien clan is more important than ever, now that the Rinnegan de Sasuke It is gone.

The fact that these beasts are free in the wild has long been the bane of the ninja world, so Naruto making some sort of arrangement with them would ensure the safety of all nations in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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