Boruto 55: in the new chapter the death of a key character in the series

While many thought Naruto’s days were numbered, in the mango pages of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations we found that things didn’t turn out exactly like this. One of the most important and long-lived characters in the series left us in the series, leaving us speechless.

The clash with the Kara organization has drastically changed the fate of the series in the last chapters, and probably the Leaf Village will never be the same again and maybe we readers won’t be either.

Warning, read no further to avoid spoilers!

To defeat Jigen in the previous chapter, Naruto had to use a new power given to him by the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama. This power is among the strongest ever seen, but the transformation could have cost Naruto his life. The Seventh Hokage thought he had to give up his life but in reality the sacrificed life was that of Kyuubi, who resided inside the ninja. In a devastating moment, Naruto and Kurama talk to each other with an open heart, then the Fox leaves this world, drastically changing the future of the Leaf Village.

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Well, I think it’s over. I have to go, but you are very much looking forward. You will no longer have superhuman powers. If you overdo it, you will be there in no time. But until that day, take care Naruto.These are Kurama’s last words before passing a better life, leaving Naruto without the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox for the first time.

Although Naruto initially thought he couldn’t control the power he had within him, the past few years have shown us Naruto at peace with Kurama, despite Kyuubi being responsible for his parents’ death. We do not yet know how this event will change the fortunes of Konoha, Kurama’s death is certainly one of the most important deaths along with that of Jiraya and Neiji.

While we were wondering what would be the consequences of the technique on Naruto, in Boruto chapter 55 there is already a new enemy?


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