Boris 4 coming soon? the cast talks about the new season: "It won't betray the past"

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For years we have dreamed and waited for her and now, finally, something starts to move: Boris' fourth season seems closer than ever and the announcement arrived a few minutes ago directly from the initiative stage The cinema in the square of the city of Rome.

On one of the many evenings organized to bring the audience back to the cinemas, also strong in the summer weather, the members of the cast Alessandro Tiberi (Alexander) Andrea Sartoretti (Writer 3) e Massimo De Lorenzo (Screenwriter 2), presented their new project "It's raining cows."

When asked by the presenter of the evening about a possible continuation of Boris, Tiberi declared that not only the whole cast is ready to return to the set, but they will do it for real very soon. The actors are in fact working on a new project that continues the work of Mattia Torre, screenwriter and director of the out-of-series passed away last summer and to whose memory the whole evening had been dedicated.

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In addition to Tiberi, Sartoretti and De Lorenzo, the original cast of the series also saw the unforgettable ones Francesco Pannofino (René Ferretti), Caterina Guzzanti (Arianna), Carolina Crescentini (Corinna) Pietro Sermonti (Stanis La Rochelle), Antonio Catania (Diego Lopez), Ninni Bruschetta (Duccio) Paolo Calabresi (Mumbles) Carlo De Ruggieri (Lorenzo "'or slave") e Roberta Fiorentini (Itala).

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