Borderlands 3 announces its third DLC, "Blood Reward: For a Handful of Redemption"

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Gearbox has shared the first details and materials of the new downloadable content for Borderlands 3 which will arrive in June. It will include both a new challenge for the endgame, Assault on the Guardian’s Gap, and a new expansion called Blood Reward: For a Handful of Redemption.

The first additional content is designed specifically for players who have completed Borderlands 3. Assault on the Guardian’s Gap It is a new assault designed to test the players and their team. Like the Assault on the Maliwan Clandestine Center, this new assault will be a great challenge that will adapt to the number of players in your group.

Four high-level Chamber Finders will work together to take on a recon mission on the planet of Minos Prime, locate a mysterious Guardian signal, and engage rebel Guardians on low-gravity platform sections as they solve environmental puzzles. Rewards include themed weapons, gear, and cosmetics.

The next addition is the third story DLC for Borderlands 3. Blood Reward: For a Handful of Redemption, which follows the previous Moxxi blow to Jackpot the Handsome and Weapons, love and tentacles: The Wedding of Wainwright and Hammerlock.

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Blood Reward adds a whole new setting and a new cast of characters. Located in the desert planet of Gehenna, the players face a gang called the Demojinetes. Along the way, you will meet new faces like Rose, a very skilled warrior with the pistol and katana, and Juno, a strong fighter with a rough past. Your acts will have a direct impact on Vestigio and its inhabitants.

Blood Reward gameplay additions include the Powered beast, a customizable air motor that will help you to cross the Gehenna plains. There are also new interactive items that add new combat and exploration skills, as well as western-themed loot to earn.

Assault on the Guardian’s Gap will launch for free on June 4, while Blood Reward: For a handful of redemption the June 25th.

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