Bleach: volumes 55 to 64 are available for free on MangaPlus

Tite Kubo will soon return to Weekly Shonen Jump with his new series, Burn The Witch. Pending its official debut, MangaPlus offers its readers a blast from the past, making the volumes of Bleach from 55 to 64.

This is an initiative that the platform has also embraced for more recent series, like My Hero Academia and The Promised Neverland, allowing users to enjoy a massive round of chapters for free.

The Bleach series has not yet exhausted all its cards, at least on the animated front. In 2021 he will return to the small screen with a new transposition, which will adapt the narrative arc of the Millennial War. Although it has been the subject of numerous debates for its narrative structure, the numerous battle sequences can be enhanced thanks to the animation, especially if there is a level staff to deal with it.

As for Burn the Witch, Tite Kubo said it won't be a long serialization. At the moment it is not clear how many volumes will be composed, however from the words of the author it is clear a duration of about 4/5 volumes, but for now they are only speculations.

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The author had offered a first look at the series with the first chapter, which once again testifies to the goodness and freshness of his style, one of Bleach's strong points.

Bleach, here are five curiosities you don't know about Tite Kubo's manga. After two years, Tite Kubo is back to making an illustration of Bleach.


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