Bleach: the prosperous Matsumoto Rangiku lives in Kano's sexy cosplay

The manga of Tite Kubo, who later became anime, presented to fans of these mediums a large number of characters. Among these there are many who have entered history for their characteristics, physiognomies, abilities. And it must be said that many of Bleach's girls have managed to grab attention for something else as well.

Certainly the most visible is Matsumoto Rangiku, deputy captain of Gotei 13 and follower of Toshiro Hitsugaya. Gin Ichimaru's childhood friend, the beautiful woman presents herself with long orange hair and a really bursting breast, left almost completely in the open with the shinigami uniform that opens on her chest.

It is obviously difficult to reproduce such a physique, but Kanosisters tried it with his Matsumoto Rangiku cosplay. By producing a photographic set, we can appreciate the realization of the girl thanks to the images at the bottom. The images allow us to appreciate the choices of the costume both with a half-bust and with a close-up, with a little interpretation and with the use of his Zanpakuto. You like this Bleach themed cosplay?

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While we wait for the new animated series of Bleach, where Matsumoto Rangiku will certainly be present, do not miss the cosplay dedicated to Nelliel Tu.


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