Bleach: Rukia displays her skills in a magnificent collectible statue

The anime series of Bleach is about to return with new episodes dedicated to the Millennial War saga, and as complex as it is to adapt the last 19 volumes of Tite Kubo’s work, it seems that many longtime fans are enthusiastic about the initiative. In this atmosphere of great anticipation, a splendid figure of Rukia was also announced.

First character to appear on the pages of the manga, the Shinigami Rukia Kuchiki she was immediately able to conquer readers, thanks to her cold and detached temperament and her incredible fighting skills, due to her Zanpakutō. This splendida katana, chiamata Sode no Shirayuki, has a completely white blade, to which a bow of the same color is tied, which recalls the element to which it is tied: ice.

However, Rukia’s abilities do not stop at summoning ice with the weapon, as the captain of the Thirteenth Brigade is also able to significantly lower her body temperature, and to perform techniques that are nothing short of elegant. To celebrate such a fundamental character in the universe created by Kubo, Eleven Studio has created a splendid statue, which you can see in the images of the post at the bottom of the page.

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The figure is about 39 centimeters high, it will be available starting from 2021 for a price of 385 euros, and from the 6 published photos it is evident the incredible attention to detail and the attention paid to perfectly recreate Rukia’s design. Recall that recently Tite Kubo published a short video on social media, in which he is struggling with the gachas of Burn The Witch, and we leave you with some ideas regarding a hypothetical sequel to Bleach.


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