Bleach: Masashi Kudo strikes again, drawing Bam of Tower of God

When it comes to the anime of Bleach, not only come to mind Ichigo, comrades and the mangaka Kubo, but also the highly appreciated animator of the series: Masashi Kudo. The one who showed a great enthusiasm in learning that Bleach would be back on TV, with the final arc of the manga.

Ever since that news was released, Kudo has been busy bringing to the attention of fans many different illustrations that immortalize some of the main characters of Bleach. We saw the drawing he made of Renji Abarai or the equally spectacular one of the beautiful Rukia, on which he also created a video tutorial on the correct way to draw it.

If Kudo has recently become accustomed to his followers Twitter to a wonderful job after another, today he has amazed everyone returning with a new publication but, a twist, not on the world created by Tite Kubo, but on the original Crunchyroll series: Tower of God.

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For the uninitiated, Tower of God literally has it hex fans from all over the world, establishing themselves as one of the best series of the current anime season. The main character is Bam, a boy who decides to climb the tower in search of his missing friend Rachel.

Well, as you can see from the photo at the bottom of the article, the subject that Kudo has chosen in his illustration is none other than the protagonist Bam, whose adventures are narrated in the thirteen episodes that make up the series.

What do you think of the last effort of Masashi Kudo? Feel free to write it below in the comments.


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