Bleach: Inoue Orihime enchants in a cosplay that has gone viral

After years of silence and fans losing hope more and more, Bleach’s Millennial War anime project has been announced ahead of the twentieth anniversary. The manga by Tite Kubo will finally receive the television transposition of its last part which has twenty tankobons.

In this last part we will see all the protagonists we have grown fond of for many years: Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki in the first place, but also Sado Yasutora, Uryuu Ishida and the beautiful Inoue Orihime. The girl with orange brown hair in this last phase shows off a particular dress that showcases all her charms and shows how much she has grown under that point of view too.

His contribution to the saga will be less than that of other characters. Despite this, we were able to appreciate some of his moments, and why not replicate them in real life too? Cosplayer Hime brought a photo of her to her Instagram page and, as you can imagine, it contains a cosplay di Inoue Orihime. While not as explosive as the comic counterpart designed by Tite Kubo, the Orihime in the photo wearing this dress still gives a good look. However, it should also be noted how much care he put into other details, from the shape of the dress to the hair and the clip.

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meanwhile, let’s retrace the history of the final phase of Bleach to better prepare ourselves for the anime coming in the next year.


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