Black Lives Matter: Steam does not take a stand, indie developers remove their games

In recent weeks companies like Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Nintendo, Rockstar Games, Microsoft and Sony have publicly expressed support protests that originated in the United States following the killing of George Floyd. Valve did not do the same and this angered some independent developers.

Valve has never spoken publicly on the subject and for this reason the independent developer Julian Glander has decided to remove its video games from Steam (platform that will never use again to spread their creations) by inviting other developers of the indie scene to do the same. In her message Julian states that "not wanting to see his games on the platform of a company that has not yet expressed himself publicly on the subject, perhaps not to irritate white male players and shareholders?".

The decision was supported and followed by other small developers such as Gabriel Koenig (who asked for the removal of Test Tube Titans) and Dan Sanderson, author of First Winter, with the first one who expressly declared that "not wanting to support those who do not publicly stand against hatred."Valve for its part did not respond to these Steam-related protests at the time of writing about the company did not issue any press release or statement about it.

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