Black Clover: what are the defects of the anime? Fans list them

Fans of the anime born from an idea of Yuki Tabata they are waiting to find out when the new episodes of Black Clover will be available, in the meantime they have started to list the possible weak points of the work. Let's find out what they are.

The Twitter account kicked off the discussion @ TacoPanda123, who asked his followers to give him an honest opinion of the weaknesses of the series. His message has been very successful, with over a thousand likes and over five hundred fan comments, which have listed what they think are the flaws of the history of Astra and the other protagonists. According to some users, in fact, the manga and the anime started with a series of slow episodes, which served to introduce the world created by Yuki Tabata. Other fans of the show instead complain of the voice actor of Astra, guilty according to them, of screaming too much, annoying the spectators.

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According to the Twitter user @Sakuuda, whose comment received 50 Likes, instead the challenges present in the episodes of the anime are not very creative, along with an uninspired power-up system. Let us know in the comments if you agree with these flaws. Finally we report the news on the resumption of the publication of the chapters of Black Clover.


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