Black Clover: The latest episode surprises with a brutal sacrifice

The anime of Black Clover is continuing with a completely original story arc, which is showing Asta and his companions committed to eliminating anyone who is in some way linked to the Demons, and the last episode was characterized by a shocking event, the horrific death of two characters, guided completely out of madness.

This story arc was made mainly for two reasons, to deepen some elements of the world already presented previously, and allow the author, Yuki Tabata, to have more time to better develop the manga’s plot.

One of the most important introductions of these filler episodes, was a group of fanatics who believe so strongly in the power of the Demons, that they are willing to sacrifice themselves, which in episode 145 happened for two of them. While the Devil Banisher are preparing to publicly show this kind of execution, Asta and the Black Bull team prepares to intervene alongside other Magic Knights.

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After two of the Devil Banisher have removed Vanessa from the place of execution, we witness a scene that is surreal. Claiming that their mission is accomplished, the two take vials and throw them on the ground. From the point of impact they begin to form of the flames that completely envelop the Devil Banisher, which are quickly turned to ashes.

The motivation behind this seemingly insane gesture is that the two believed they could recall the power of the Demons thanks to their sacrifice, an exaggerated and apparently wrong belief. Recall that in the last chapter a new spell was revealed, and we leave you to other information on the next episodes.


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