Black Clover: The last few chapters show us Yami’s influence on Asta

While we wait for the new chapter of Black Clover, the latest events in the manga of Yuki Tabata highlighted the great impact that Yami had on Asta, the protagonist of the work engaged in a deadly challenge.

As you know, Asta will have to face and defeat the Dark Triad of the Kingdom of Swords, to do this Nacht decides that the time has come for Asta to defeat Liebe, in order to acquire his powers. The battle proves to be more difficult than expected for the warrior, who is forced to face the demon’s magical abilities, including the ability to use the anti-magic swords in his or her library. At this point Asta decides to use Yami’s katana, in order to give the final blow to his opponent. The numerous clashes made together with Yami therefore prove to be fundamental for Asta, who will use the same techniques devised by the captain to put Liebe in difficulty, the similarity between the two will also be noticed by Nacht.

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Meanwhile, the director of the anime has talked about the next story arc of Black Clover, which will be a story that has never appeared in the pages of the manga and which will show us the next challenges that Asta will have to overcome during his long training.


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