Black Clover: the anime is on the air again, here are the first images of episode 133

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Similar to other weekly productions, the animated series of Black Clover saw a prolonged stop due to the pandemic emergency, which finally ended yesterday. The first images of the new episode, 133, leaked online.

The episode is available for viewing on the Crunchyroll streaming platform, exclusively for users with a premium subscription. The last transmission of the anime dates back to the end of April, from then onwards the COVID-19 prevented the regular activity of each part of the production, from the animators to the dubbing cast.

The animated series is at the heart of a completely original narrative arc, which explores the events of the characters following the time-skip occurred in the previous volumes of the manga. Even the paper work, especially in the last month, has not enjoyed regular publication due to the poor health of the author.

Tabata, in fact, was forced to publish often 13 or 15 page chapters, below the average of the magazine, but in recent weeks it has managed to resume the rhythms to which it had accustomed us throughout the manga serialization period.

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Black Clover's latest weekly release, 256, is now available on Shueisha's online platform, Manga Plus.

Black Clover: Crunchyroll confirms the official return of the anime. What are the defects of the Black Clover anime? Fans have made a list of them.

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