Black Clover: revealed the title of the last episode with a return to the dawn

The Black Clover manga is ongoing and will be for some time to come. Written and drawn by Yuki Tabata, with a weekly publication on Weekly Shonen Jump, the story of Asta and his companions also received an animated adaptation that was produced by Studio Pierrot. Although the end of the story is still far away, the anime will soon end.

The conclusion of the Black Clover anime has in fact been announced with episode number 170, scheduled for the end of March. At the same time there will be an announcement and inevitably the viewers of the anime airing on Crunchyroll have high expectations. In the meantime, however, we are witnessing the new clashes with the Dark Triad, with the appearance in episode 165 distributed on February 23, 2021, of the new Valkyrie in Noelle’s mermaid form.

While the battles continue, however, the schedules of the Japanese television station are also updated and through these we come to discover the title of the last episode of Black Clover. Scheduled for March 30, 2021, Black Clover episode 170 will be titled “A distant future”, same name of the first opening of the anime sung by the Japanese band Kankaku Pierrot.

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The Black Clover’s crusade of the magical knights is therefore about to end with a return to its origins, during the next month we will see the conclusion of this multi-year adaptation.


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