Black Clover: let’s discover 5 secrets about Asta’s powers

The universe of Black Clover he is dominated by magic and for this reason Asta is seen as a rather bizarre being. Unable to use magical powers, the protagonist vows to become a magical emperor. Will he be able to achieve this great goal despite his shortcomings?

If it is true that Asta is incapable of using magic, it is equally true that the protagonist of Yuki Tabata’s work has learned to exploit other abilities and powers. Let’s find out all together the secrets he concealed.

Asta’s body it is unable to produce mana, so the boy has no magical abilities and is unable to cast spells. However, what appeared to be an obstacle turned out to be a problem that has now been overcome. Due to the absence of magic in him, Asta cannot be detected by mana sensors and is able to wield anti-magical weapons, with which he can repel any spell.

In addition to these two very important factors, Asta has improved physical abilities. Asta has impressive strength, unmatched speed, and is capable of withstanding attacks that would knock out most of the Black Clover protagonists.

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After a long training with Fanzell Kruger, the boy also became a great swordsman. Over time, Asta has refined his shape and is now able to use different styles, all infused with the anti-magical essence that gives him a distinct advantage in battle. Asta also learned a master his Ki, a sort of sixth sense that allows you to detect the movements of others. Asta is now able to guess the direction of the attacks directed at him.

The source of his anti-magical abilities is the bond that binds him to a devil. To take advantage of this powerful skill, Asta had to surrender his arm in some sort of contract with the devil. However, the boy can only use his full power for 50 seconds. By extending this time frame, Asta would risk turning completely into a demon. What other powers will he get? In Black Clover 268 the tragic story of two characters is told. Asta’s mother appears to have made her debut on a Black Clover cliffhanger.


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