Black Clover: chapter 283 of the manga The Clover Kingdom DEFENDS its citizens!

Today the Chapter 283 of manga of Black Clover and this brings many surprises that has taken this story to a very important phase, with the fight with the Spade Kingdom increasingly intense. Meanwhile, protagonist Asta, who was temporarily out of the game, also returns to action.

The action escalates in chapter 283 of the Black Clover manga.

With the captains being transferred to the Spade kingdom by Natch, the battle has reached the kingdom of Clover, under the attack of a gigantic demon, without the possibility of containment on the part of the present magicians, being the arrival of Asta a light of hope that He avoided the worst, although this required his most powerful form, starting a new phase in this universe.

The spoilers of Chapter 283 of Black Clover that were circulating already showed our protagonist going to the kingdom to save his friends and Captain Yami, where his enemies are. In the process, the resistance continues the battle in the Spade Kingdom giving us cameos of Sally fighting demons and making us doubt whether Makusa will ever use snow magic.

The surprises of Black Clover chapter 283

For his part, Fuegoleon was not far behind, appearing to burn the demons with the Salamander, in addition to confirming the inclusion of Noelle and Patri to fight against the Dark Triad, which saves Asta through a portal in the Kingdom. Clover, for he had run out of time for the demonic form with Liebe. Although other allies of the Heart kingdom also appear, such as the Black Bull, Gaja, Mimosa and other knights, ready to assault the enemy kingdom.

It is Chapter 283 of manga of Black Clover It has also allowed to see Asta in his winter uniform as well as how the teams will separate to face the Dark Triad.

Thus, the story continues to increase in intensity in the manga of Black Clover. What do you think about the Chapter 283? Let us know in the comments. In The Truth News We will closely follow this popular series to bring you the latest.

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