Black Clover: an insider provides a date for the re-launch of the anime

In Japan, the spread of Coronavirus has resulted in the suspension of numerous animated series, including weekly productions with a large catchment area such as ONE PIECE, Pokémon, Black Clover. In the last few hours an insider of considerable credibility, may have revealed the date on which the transmission of the dark fantasy anime will resume.

Twitter user Spytrue, a guarantee regarding the latest industry updates, has informed its followers that the animated series of Black Clover will restart next July 7th. This statement has not, at least so far, been confirmed by any official production-related source.

However, considering the historian of Spytrue's predictions, it is inevitable to give his words a certain reliability. The insider had already published a tweet in which he announced, for the summer period, the re-start of the animated series, and now he has returned to the subject by unbalancing himself with a reference date.

Moreover, Spytrue also mentioned Boruto's animated series, outlining the summer period as potential for its revival. However, the insider was required to specify that his prediction is not supported by any confirmation within the environment. We will see in the coming weeks.

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