Black Clover: All about episode 165 and more details of the anime

Despite having existed for over three years, the anime Black Clover It remains one of the most popular and followed series around. However, with the news that the series is ending next month, fans are understandably very excited to see what the final six episodes have in store.

In this article by The Truth News, we break down the release date and premiere times of the Episode 165 for fans around the world. We recommend that you always watch the anime from its official streaming sites and wait for the release date to avoid spoilers.

Black Clover: Episodio 165

Black Clover Episode 165 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, February 23 for subscribers on Crunchyroll and at 3:25 pm PST. Therefore, fans only have 5 more chapters before the end of the anime.

The show’s official site revealed that Black Clover episode 170 will be its last and a special announcement will be revealed later. It is still unknown if the anime that adapts Yuki Tabata’s manga will continue in the future. What will be the future of the shonen series?

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Considering the popularity of Black Clover internationally, it is most likely that his animated series will take time to let the manga advance with its chapters. Only so i know avoid another fill arc, like the (widely accepted) training bow.

At Episode 164 We see to Yami Sukehiro, Captain of the Black Bulls, engaged in a fierce battle with Dante Zogratis of the Dark Triad. Other characters like Yuno and Noelle have their own battles, while Asta wants to do everything he can to help Yami.

Yami vs Dante en el anime Black Clover

Black Clover became one of the most popular shonen shows of the moment, along with other successful titles such as My Hero Academia, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Kimetsu no Yaiba and the new anime of the year (for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2021) Jujutsu Kaisen.

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