Black Clover 283 spoilers and images: an exciting assault begins

By now Black Clover has entered a very important phase for the rest of the story. The fight with the Kingdom of Swords gradually gets more and more alive, even if inevitably things will get even more intense and dark. But in the meantime, the protagonist Asta, who was temporarily sidelined, also returns to the game.

As Nacht brought the captains to the kingdom of Swords, the battle also shifted to the kingdom of Clover, being assaulted by a gigantic demon. None of the wizards present managed to contain it and only the arrival of Asta in Black Clover 281 made it possible to avoid the worst. Now that Asta has its most powerful form, history enters a new phase.

The spoiler di Black Clover 283, complete with images that you can find below, shows the protagonist who intends to head to the kingdom where his enemies are, to save his companions and Captain Yami. Meanwhile, the resistance continues in the kingdom of Swords, and we also see Sally and Fuegoleon at work.

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Returning to the realm of Clover, Asta runs out of time for the demonic form with Liebe. But he is saved from a fall thanks to a portal, which reveals the arrival of all his friends from the realm of Heart. The Black Bull, along with Patri, Gaja, Mimosa and other magical knights, prepare to storm the enemy kingdom. Black Clover 283 will be released on MangaPlus Sunday 21 February.


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