Black Clover 271: the memory of his master becomes an important weapon for Asta

We have archived the very first phase of Asta’s training in Black Clover. Now the magic of the demon Liebe is in his possession, but the latter was certainly not the strongest rival to face at this time. In fact, Nacht came into play and immediately made it clear how much the young protagonist will push to the limit.

To control demonic magic it is indeed necessary that Asta and Liebe manage to become similar and cohesive. The first demonstrations took place in Black Clover 271 where Nacht made known a part of his power. By summoning a swarm of shadows thanks to the power of one of his demons, he began to put Asta in trouble.

The boy for now he can’t bring out all of Liebe’s power either because of the particular contract it has entered into or because the daemon itself doesn’t even know how to use it. In fact, this is the first time he is alone outside the library and has no idea what power he has or how he gives it away.

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However, Asta gradually manages to understand Nacht’s moves and, using both Yami’s katana and everything his master taught him like ki, the protagonist of Black Clover unleashes a blow that almost injures the vice captain of the Black Bull. The game has begun although unfortunately it must stop almost immediately as Black Clover will be on hiatus next week. Chapter 272 will debut on MangaPlus on Friday, November 20.


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