Black Clover 263: discovering the demonic world, how many are Asta’s enemies?

The Black Clover anime is struggling with fillers, episodes that are expanding the period between the arc of the Kingdom of Heart and that of the Kingdom of Swords. The latter, however, in the manga has been in progress for some time and is about to conclude its first phase of history.

With the unexpected kidnapping of Yami and Vangeance, the Clover kingdom had to suffer a burning defeat. The gap with the three enemies Dante, Vanica and Zenon of the Dark Triad is abysmal with these who have not even used the maximum of their strength. The arrival of night, deputy captain of the Black Bull, however, could upset everything, being the bearer of a demon. While proposing to train Asta, the new Black Clover character also explains the nature of the demonic world.

Like Dante’s hell, the world of demons that appeared in Black Clover 263 is a cone with the tip pointing downwards. Made up of 7 levels that gradually shrink, each of them contains one or two demons. The further down you go, the stronger the demons they harbor are until you get there at the last level where Lucifer, the strongest demon, dwells. The outermost demons are strong enough to compete with the Dark Triad and this means that from the beginning Asta and his companions will face very powerful enemies.

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Will Asta and the others with a three-day training be able to invade the kingdom of Swords and block the ritual to connect the human world with that of demons?


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