Black Clover 259: Auction at the center of the clash, the protagonist takes everyone by surprise

Black Clover has introduced unpublished enemies in the manga with the recent narrative arc linked to the Kingdom of Swords. The so-called Dark Triad so far has put the protagonists in serious difficulty and even Asta has found himself in the middle of a battle that could sanction the fate of the magical world.

In previous chapters we have witnessed the clash between Yami and Dante, but the captain of the Black Bull was unable to withstand the rhythms and power of the new enemy transformation. For this reason Asta had to intervene: the protagonist of Black Clover decided to speak with his demon to obtain a power greater than those received so far.

As a result, in Black Clover 259 the boy received a completely new right arm and with a demonic magic that envelops him different from the previous ones. In the minute granted, Asta must team up with Yami to bring down the enemy who, however, always seems to be able to regenerate himself after each injury, modifying his body.

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The key to the fight is to hit him repeatedly with the Asta's antimagic power, who makes use of the two swords which he possesses thanks to his library. The attacks, however, seem to have little effect and, at the end, Yami lends his katana to the young man. Boosting it to the last second with demonic power, Asta launches an attack that definitively wounds and stuns Dante. The couple finally managed to bring down a member of the Dark Triad.


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