Black Canary: a novel about the DC character is coming soon

So far the character of Black Canary has been the protagonist of animated films, television transpositions and a boundless series of comics. Soon it will also make its debut in the literary world. There DC Comics announced the production of a young adult novel based on superheroine.

The work, titled Black Canary: Breaking Silence, will be written by the author Alexandra Monir and will be part of the DC Icons line editorial line. Its release date is scheduled for December 29, pre-orders are now available on Amazon.

At the bottom of the news you can take a first look at the cover of the book, illustrated by the artist Jen Bartel. Black Canary: Breaking Silence will revolve around the figure of Dinah Lance and her strenuous struggle against the Court of Owls, the sinister organization that has governed the city of Gotham since childhood:

"Black Canary: Breaking Silence will open up on Dinah Lance, who was seven when he heard the impossible: the sound of a singing girl. It was something he should never have listened to, not during his lifetime and not in Gotham City, taken by the vicious and patriarchal Court of the Owls. The sinister organization rules Gotham City like a dictatorship and has deprived women of everything: their right to work, to music, to learning, to freedom.

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At seventeen, Dinah cannot forget that disturbing sound and is starting to discover that her own voice is just as powerful. But singing is forbidden – a one-way street for a certain death sentence. Fighting to balance her father's desire to keep her safe, a romance in bloom with the mysterious new student Oliver Queen and her need to help other women and girls grow, Dinah wonders if her song will finally be heard. . And will his voice be powerful enough to destroy the Court of Owls once and for all? "

DC Comics ends its relationship with the collaboration of with Diamond. The DCeased universe is about to return with a new miniseries.


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