BioWare ensures that Anthem 2.0 will take a long time to arrive

BioWare has released a statement updating the status of the redesign of Anthem, noting that it is still in an incubation period and that the creation of a new version of the game will be a long process.

Christian Daley, the chief producer of the project, assures that despite the current circumstances the team is committed to what they have wanted to call Anthem 2.0 and that it will be the rebirth of the game if it goes well.

There is a team of 30 people working on this and according to the producer, it is more agile than having a great team in charge of the task. At the end of the day, we can attest that a large team does not ensure an acceptable finish.

The producer assures that they are now in the prototyping phase. “We’re going back to the experimentation/prototyping phase to improve the areas where we think we fall short and to improve everything you already love about Anthem”

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“The team is small but the point of all this is to take our time and get back to the drawing board. A small team gives the agility that a bigger one cannot afford”

Daley also ensures that they want to carry the entire process as transparently as possible so that the community is part of the new rebirth. In the coming months, we will be checking how the studio manages the new version of a promising video game that failed to meet the expectations placed on it.


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