Billy Butcher insults superheroes in the new season 2 teaser

After the bizarre clip starring the Seven, The Boys returns to show itself with a fun teaser trailer of the second season, in which the exuberant Billy Butcher warns everyone in his own way.

The character played by Karl Urban is intent on getting serious, and after the surprising finale of the first season we can understand his point of view. In the video of the complaint we hear him reveal to the world the truth about the despicable group of superheroes, proposing his The Boys as a solution to the problem:

"When you were a kid, you thought they were the best thing in the world: you had their posters, their action figures, their lunch box, and you believed that you and your family were safe, because superheroes were out there at protect you. What you don't know is that Vought is none other than a bunch of fake and greedy cog ** i, who don't give a c ** or if their Sups are fucking sadistic fuckers ".

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Billy never goes too subtle, in fact, and when he wants to solve a problem he comes forward in the most sincere way possible, whether it is to smash the face of the enemy on duty, whether it is to declare how things are. . In this case his fury also involves Vought, the company that manages the Seven, guilty of advertising them as heroes only to be able to cash in on movies, toys and merchandise.

"We are a team of superhero killer vigilantes, and we are ready to show the corrupt truth of Vought. We're the *** Boys, and we're on our way".

And we can't wait to find out what this second season has in store for us, in which Limplighter will also be present. In the meantime, also check out the explosive trailer for The Boys 2.


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