Bill Burr to return to The Mandalorian in Season 2

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This week we learned that the season 2 cast for The Mandalorian It would have Michael Biehn, protagonist of the James Terminator movie Terminator, but it will also add a familiar face for those who have seen the first season of the first real action series located in the Star Wars universe.

Actor Bill Burr will reappear as the villain Mayfield, whom we already met in the sixth episode of the series, The Prisoner, where he proved to be a guy with enough bad fleas.

We will not tell you what happens with Mayfield and Mando in this episode in case you are waiting for Disney + to release all the chapters in our country (at the moment the service opened its doors on Tuesday with only two episodes of the series).

The second season has a premiere scheduled for October and in it we will see Pedro Pascal (or at least imagine that he is under the armor of the leading bounty hunter), his little Baby Yoda, Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, Michael Biehn in an unknown role, Bill Burr as Mayfield and other new and familiar faces who will continue to expand one of the only meeting points in the Star Wars community now that the movies are on indefinite hiatus until Lucasfilm decides where they want to go now and What stories do you want to tell after the end of an emotionally charged era with the Skywalker saga.

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