big news for sex scenes, how will they be shot?

The seventeenth season of Gray's Anatomy will also be about the pandemic, but luckily there will also be happy moments at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Impossible not to include some hot scenes, but how will filmmakers comply with the security measures envisaged following the pandemic?

"Of course, intimacy is a good question, linked to all the projects I'm working on. There are a lot of solutions that people are proposing, but I don't know how viable they are. There are special effects, for example. And then we could only turn to one side? Obviously you have to avoid people kissing, but there have always been a lot sex scenes in Grey's Anatomy that didn't include kissing. In many cases we have seen them lift clothes in a sensual way, throw them on the floor, move things and get behind a person in a sexy way. There are many ways to fix it, so to speak ", he has declared series producer Krista Vernoff to Hollywood Reporter.

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The authors will therefore have to find a way to allude to that context, without actually showing the actors intent on kissing passionately, to avoid possible contagions. The producer admitted that there are still issues to be resolved in this regard, but of course "there will be fewer kisses on TV this year. How can you satisfy the desire to escape reality through romance and excitement when you can't ask the actors to come face to face and put their lips together? "

Vernoff concludes by stating that the safety of all professionals involved is the first concern, and that production will comply to the letter with all regulations anti-COVID. In all likelihood we will see fewer kisses, but there will be no lack of romance in the new installments.

In conclusion, we refer you to the list of all the characters who have left Grays Anatomy and the discussions on the set between Sandra Oh and the writers.


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