Between Season 3 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?

With its third season, the science-fiction teen drama that debuted in 2015 is making a comeback. The series was made by Michael McGowan. Besides this, he is the executive producer of the TV show Between. He is an executive producer, and so are Don Carmody, Naveen Prasad, and David Cormican. This show first aired in Canada on the Citytv network. But in other countries, Netflix was the place to watch shows. The first season came out in 2015, and the 2nd one came out the following year. The first season, on the other hand, did not get good reviews. So, the people who made it came up with the season right away. Up until now, there hasn’t been any new information about whether the third season of Between will be kept going or not.

Between Season 3 Renewal Status

The chances of a third season are slim to none, which is bad news for fans who still want one. Since the second season came out, almost 5 years have passed. But nothing has been said or confirmed about a new season. Even though the show hasn’t been canceled, you shouldn’t expect a third season. Most of the time, Netflix is clear about what shows are ending and when. But after 5 years of complete silence, it is very unlikely that it will wake up the show.

The show didn’t make much of a splash with viewers and got bad ratings and reviews. Taking these things into account, it seems more likely that it should be turned off. Since Netflix didn’t say anything about a break, these years without a show can’t really be called a break. There’s a good chance that the show was just forgotten. And it makes sense since it didn’t do much to improve the reputation of the streaming platform. It’s too bad for fans of the show, but Season 3 is definitely not happening.

Between Season 3 Cast

  • Jennette McCurdy as Wiley Day
  • Jesse Carere as Adam Jones
  • Ryan Allen as Gord
  • Justin Kelly as Chuck Lott Jr.
  • Kyle Mac as Ronnie Creeker
  • Jack Murray as Mark
  • Brooke Palsson as Melissa Day
  • Stephen Bogaert as Charles Lott Sr., Chuck’s father
  • Samantha Munro as Stacey
  • Rick Roberts as Clarence Jones, Adam’s father
  • Steven Grayhm as Liam Cullen
  • Percy Hynes White as Harrison
  • Mercedes Morris as Renee Tofoli
  • Shailyn Pierre-Dixon as Frances
  • Jordan Todosey as Tracey Creeker
  • Rosemary Dunsmore, as Minister Miller
  • Pascal Langdale as Dexter Crane


  • Krystal Nausbaum as Amanda Lott
  • Niamh Wilson as Lana Lott
  • Shailene Garnett as Ms. Amy Symonds
  • Jim Watson as Pat Creeker
  • Lucius Hoyos, as McCalister
  • Abigail Winter as Samantha
  • Jesse Bostick as Felix
  • Wesley Morgan as Kevin
  • Canute Gomes as Vince
  • Sarah Podemski as Ellen
  • Rebecca Liddiard as Hanna
  • Ian Fisher as John
  • Leanne Miller as Helen
  • Alexander de Jordy as Lamar
  • Drew Davis as Eric Tofoli

Between Season 3 Plot

The series is about a small town called Pretty Lake and the diseases that are killing all of its people. But in the show, the creators show different ways to save the world. The show also showed how the disease is killing young people. The show also talks about what it means to be quarantined, or separated from other people. But because of the global pandemic, this is what we are facing right now. But this was only an overview of the entire show. But it’s still not clear what the third season will be about.

Between Season 3 Release Date

Because people didn’t like it, the producers haven’t said anything about making a third season. The second season started in 2016, and it’s been six years since then, but the creators aren’t giving up on anything. But it’s best not to hold out hope that the show will be brought back.

Between Season Summary and Review

In between is a small town called Pretty Lake and the rural area around it. A mysterious disease called a plague has killed a lot of people in the area. But here’s the twist: everyone who has been killed is at least 22 years old. So, the government has put the whole area under quarantine. People who live in the affected area can’t go outside, so they are pretty much on their own. The show deals with the lack of power that had grown in the town. It also shows how the people who live there try to get out and how much teen angst there is in the zone. Even though the writing and direction of the show are very bad, it does raise some interesting questions. There are themes about being a teenager, being free, and dying. The catch is that the way these themes are used isn’t good enough.

Most of the reviews for the show were bad. It got bad reviews because the acting and writing were so bad. Even though season 2 was much better than the first, it didn’t help the show much as a whole. The production looks like it was done quickly and without much care. One of the reasons it wasn’t well received is that it was shown in separate parts. Netflix had never done this before. It was also one of the first things Netflix made with the help of other people.

The idea behind the show has been used before. It has some things in common with shows like The Society. And the thing is, they did the basic idea much better than Between. People liked the second season of the show a little bit more than the first. It also ended with a big suspense and didn’t answer a lot of questions. That’s even more reason for the fans to want a third movie.

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