Berserk 363 will not be in the next issue of Young Animal: the manga is back on hiatus

Berserk is a cross and a delight for fans. On the one hand, Kentaro Miura delivers a well-written, fulfilling dark fantasy story with exceptionally curated designs. On the other hand, there are the biblical times of production that the mangaka and his studio are trying to reduce in order to move faster towards the end.

A few hours ago, however, chapter 362 of Berserk was published. A chapter that addresses the past of the world and of a particular character, with the usual dark aura full of blood and terror. We are therefore all waiting to understand what will happen to Gatsu and his companions in the future. But when will this future arrive?

It certainly won’t come with the next issue of Young Animal. The currently released issue preserves the preview of the next one, scheduled for early November, and of course there is no Berserk. Kentaro Miura’s manga therefore falls on hiatus until a later date and, considering the times, it is difficult to have another chapter before another two or three months.

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All we have to do is wait for more information from the Hakusensha publishing house or from the mangaka himself, while to pass the wait, fans can enjoy the latest fan art where Gatsu becomes a Demonic Apostle.


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