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 Ben Barnes has had conversations in the last year with Marvel Studios for two superheroes

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Marvel Studios could repeat the play he already made with Mahershala Ali for the character of Blade, because the actor Ben Barnes has recognized that in the last year has had conversations with the study to discuss the possibility of deciding between two superheroes for the cinema. In fact, these conversations were about to materialize, but the study considered that the appearance was going to occur too close to their participation in the series “Marvel’s The Punisher” from Netflix, where he played the villain Billy Russo / Jigsaw in both seasons.

The actor has made the revelation directly by asking if he would be open to work with Marvel again:

Yes, of course, of course. In fact, I talked to them about something this year, but I think it was something close since I did ‘The Punisher’ for them. But, you know, they have proven that you can do it [appear on television and in movies], especially if it was on television, you can go back and make a movie if there is a character that is appropriate. I was talking about a couple of superheroes last year.

As he deepened and asked if perhaps that could take place in the future, the actor was open to that possibility:

No. It didn't work for whatever reason, but definitely, there is still room for that in my future. As long as they hurry. I don't want to be a 50-year-old superhero.

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