Ben Affleck, his Batman is back on trend thanks to Zack Snyder

Among the effects of the official announcement of the release of Justice League Snyder Cut there was also the renewed love of the fans in being able to see again Ben Affleck as Batman, whose role as we know will be inherited by Robert Pattinson in the new Warner film directed by Matt Reeves.

Shortly after the official announcement of the Snyder Cut, which will arrive in 2021 on HBO Max, the digital streaming platform of the American cable channel, the fans did in fact return Affleck’s name is trending on Twitter, after having hoped in all these years to see him again in the role of Batman, he as well as Henry Cavill in those of Superman. Although the fate of the Dark Knight has already been decided, with Warner going on with The Batman and Robert Pattinson in the role, there are still no sure plans with the Man of Steel, even though Cavill said he has not yet abandoned the role and that the red cloak is still in his closet.

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In the latest interview given to the New York Times, Affleck had motivated the choice of his farewell to Batman and the standalone film he was making: “I showed someone the Batman script”, Affleck revealed.”They said to me, ‘I think the script is good. But I also think you will get drunk to the death if you have to experience what you have gone through again’ “.

Then he continued: “I tried to direct a version of that film and worked with a really good screenwriter, but I couldn’t find the right story. I could not decipher the character and so I thought it was time for someone else to try. They have really good people working on it now, and I can’t wait to find out what they’ll do”.

Following the reactions of the fans to the announcement of the Snyder Cut.

And NOW you understand why Ben Affleck is looking lean and mean again.

He’s back to finish ZSJL for Zack.


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