behind the scenes of the Disney + series

The Mandalorian was, so much so as to be one of the most successful projects born from the collaboration between Disney and Lucasfilm, among the most viewed content ever distributed on a platform and to be nominated for 15 categories at the next Emmys, including that for the best stunts

The portal Variety interviewed Ryan Watson, stunt coordinator of The Mandalorian, who boasts a brilliant career first as a stunt-man and then as a choreographer in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pirates of the Caribbean and Wonder Woman. Here are his recent statements, which take us directly behind the camera and in the most visceral stages of processing:

The pressure and pace of The Mandalorian made it more challenging [di qualunque altra produzione], but participating in this production was a dream that came true: we worked with lots of gadgets and equipment and it was a lot of fun. I’ve done a lot of superhero movies, and they’re fantastic, but it was nice to work with characters who don’t have super powers, because you have to fit within the limits of a normal living being. “

“As for the fight, I think Episode 8 was the best because Taika [Waititi] who directed it, really loves his job and he knows how to dose goliardia and drama and is also very prepared on action scenes and on fights. For example, a punch thrown by someone who is angry will be different from one that comes from someone looking at the enemy from a great distance. It was essential to differentiate these attitudes because Mando’s face is always covered by the helmet and it’s all about attitude and body language.”

Then speaking of the first meeting between Cara Dune, played by Gina Carano, and Din Djarin the protagonist Pedro Pascal, he has declared:

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Different galaxies and different planets allow for many types of combat, and this made Gina’s big debut easier. I had met her before and knew she was a tough and hard hitting girl. That fight should have been longer and quieter, but Jon [Favreau, produttore esecutivo, ndr.] he thought it lasted too long. He had to make it clear who the character was, how he fought and what he was capable of. The end result was easy to achieve because Gina puts all of herself into every single punch, even during rehearsals. “


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