Beastars nominated for the Eisner Award: here are the 5 manga candidates for the award

For years now, manga has been becoming increasingly international. If until some time ago their depth was recognized only in Japan, now there are more and more products that are not limited to the simple fist fights that are disclosed abroad. One of them is Beastars, the Paru Itagaki shonen that conquered the world.

After the anime of Netflix, Beastars has become one of the best known and most profound shonen titles with a glimpse into a well-crafted anthropomorphic animal society. For this reason, the manga has been nominated for the Eisner Award, an American event that has announced the titles that will play the prize in this 2020. The manga that will participate in the "Best USA edition of international material – Asia" award are:

  • Beastars of Paru Itagaki
  • The Louvre cats by Taiyo Matsumoto
  • Magic Knight Rayearth 25th Anniversary Edition from CLAMP
  • The Poe Clan of Moto Hagio
  • Kamome Shirahama's Atelier of Witch Hat
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To these are added other manga named in other categories:

  • Gokushufudou – The way of the apron in the Best Humor category
  • My first time 2 – Letters to myself in the best reality based job category
  • The mountains of madness in the category for the best adaptation

Therefore other consents arrive for the manga world which proves to be varied and with a certain depth appreciated also abroad.


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