Batwoman: Stephanie Beatriz wants to replace Ruby Rose

At this point, the reasons why Ruby Rose decided to abandon her role are still unclear. Batwoman for the CW series. However, it is clear that production will continue without it. Therefore, it is vitally important to find a substitute. And yet, it is not an easy task.

Today we learned that Stephanie Beatriz may be interested in being Rose’s substitute. Anyway, it should be said that, at least for the moment, it is only the expression of a personal desire of Beatriz, because we continue without an official announcement regarding who will take the role of the superheroine.

The case is that the actress has published a message through her official Twitter account (you can see it below). And this is what he has commented verbatim: “* Read all about Batwoman.”. It is a very brief and indirect message, yes. But it leaves no doubt of the intention with which it was written.

As for Beatriz, you will surely know her for playing Rosa Díaz in the NBC comedy Brooklyn 99, In ​​addition, as they point out from CBR, the role she has in that series is not so different from what she could have in the second season of Batwoman.

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Something that, if you have seen both productions, you will well know. We basically talk about the sexual orientation of both characters. That is just a curiosity, but it is true that in order to present a possible audition, it is a point in his favor.

Simply because it is a registry that you have already worked with. Although, in reality, Beatriz is already an extroverted and proud bisexual woman in real life. And he has treated the subject shamelessly on many occasions. In short, it would not be surprising if he did it again if he got this role. That one, or the She-Hulk for Marvel.


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