Batwoman, from the set come the images of the new Batmobile

For about a month, the shooting of Batwoman 2 has started, a season that will certainly be very different from the previous one and that is slowly taking shape. From the images that come to us from the set, we will certainly see some beautiful ones.

A user on Twitter spread the first photos of the Batmobile, the superheroine’s personal car, hyper-equipped to fight crime in Gotham City. Despite the rather limited budget, the vehicle appears to be perfect for helping Batwoman on her mission. On closer inspection it is a rather simple car but it has been enriched with some small orange details and the unmistakable fins on the back make it perfect for fighting bad guys.

It remains to be seen how Javicia Leslie’s character will be introduced and how the handover between Ryan Wilder and Kate Kane will take place. We remind you that in recent months Ruby Rose has left the role of Batwoman, and even if the reasons for this choice are not yet clear, the actress said she was confident that the new protagonist will be up to such a role.

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It is thought that the actress’s health conditions were not optimal after a complex surgery and the desire to try new adventures did the rest. Probably Ruby Rose feared being trapped in such an iconic character. Meanwhile, Leah Gibson and Nathan Owens have joined the cast of Batwoman.


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