Batman: The Joker War Zone one shot sets the stage for a clash between the Joker and Bane

Gotham City was completely upset, destroyed, corrupted by the Joker War, an event that heavily affected the lives of many characters in the universe DC Comics including Bruce Wayne of course. It’s not possible to imagine how much this event will affect future Batman stories, but it looks like Bane will have to contend with the Joker.

The anthological and unique volume dedicated to the Joker War, The Joker War Zone, opens with history “A Mad Home”, signed by the duo James Tynion IV and Guillem March. We discover that during the main misadventure of the Caped Crusader, The Joker went to Arkham Asylum to talk to Bane, imprisoned and tied to a machine that continually deprives him of the toxin that allows the villain superhuman powers.

After a provocative monologue, Joker takes a gun saying it could easily kill him and be at peace with himself, but it would be too brutal and disrespectful. After threatening the prisoner, the Clown Prince of Crime claims he was disappointed in his actions, which allowed Batman to regain an advantage, after the confusion that has transformed the city.

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“You’ll pay for what you’ve done. I’ll take care of it. You won’t know when. You won’t know how. But it will happen.” these are the words used by the Joker in the splendid page that you find at the bottom, anticipating what could be an extremely important clash. The story will resume in a generic 2021, as stated at the end of the volume, and maybe we will also see an involvement of Batman himself.

Recall that Gotham City will soon lose another superhero, and that Batman volume 99 showed the return of a character.


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