Batman, Superman and Flash: guide to the new DC Universe of Panini Comics

Here we are: the DC Comics management by Panini Comics Italia has started, and ideally marks a new era for the mainstream comics market in our country. The Modenese publisher has already started the "new" DC universe, publishing the first staples on newsstands and comics embellished with some hardbacks from the bookstore that complete the picture regarding the narrative arcs that readers will encounter in the coming weeks. At the time of writing, Panini has already distributed the numbers 1 of Batman, Superman is Flash and three different editorial brackets have started: the DC Connect series, the Alfa numbers and the DC Bestsellers. In this special we will just describe you in summary how to move within the new DC management, and we will analyze in detail what we have read in the first three pins, waiting to further investigate the other necklaces and the next Aquaman, Wonder debut albums. Woman, Justice League and others.

Where do you start

Well, let's start: as we said, the easiest and most direct way to start reading Panini's DC comics is to approach the stapled books you find in all the newsstands and comics shops in Italy. Each of these books goes almost immediately to the heart, serving readers the main flagships of the DC comics market. On Batman we find fortnightly appointments that will alternate between the main series dedicated to the Dark Knight – always managed by Tom King – and the now classic Detective Comics.

More or less the same division with the mythical blue of the DC house, with Brian M. Bendis to guide the narrative trend of Superman: the magazine of the same name will therefore alternate with Action Comics. Flash, at least at the start, has proposed two stories that sum up some recent deeds of the scarlet sprinter.

The new stories

Let's see in detail every single head: in King's Batman we are taken to a shocking and surprisingly different Gotham. To rule the city are the criminals led by Bane, who has entrusted the police command to other famous villains such as Joker, Riddler is Hugo Strange, while the bat man's clothes are dressed no less than … Thomas Wayne, the Batpoint of Flashpoint. The latter took Alfred Pennyworth hostage and threatened the batfamily to kill their beloved butler if they showed up in Gotham. But in all this, where is Bruce? The protagonist is far from home and apparently survived a fatal clash. Cared for by Catwoman, he will have to return sooner or later to restore order to Gotham.

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As for Batman, our opinion is that "The city of Bane"was not the most appropriate arc to introduce any new readers to the Batman universe, as the preface and appendix notes do not provide all the clues needed to understand the background of some characters.
The same is also true for the other two series: in the first Superman register we are slowly witnessing the arrival of a "new" Lex Luthor, who seems to have powers that can amplify others' abilities.

The villain professes himself a bearer of "gifts" and, at the same time, the events narrated in the staple of the last son of Krypton seem to want to lay the foundations for some crossover events that we will be able to enjoy better in the coming weeks: above all Leviathan, which we will deepen later, and The Year of the Criminal.

In Flash we are witnessing the return of Barry Allen after a period of hiding from the scenes of Central City, and faced with the skepticism of his old allies, the scarlet sprinter tries to react by warning them of an imminent threat: while the Enemies, led by a "new" Captain Cold, are regrouping to face sprinters, the Force of speed is threatened by dark forces that begin to attack the lives of both Flash and its allies and the most recent users of the Force itself.

As we have described, finding your way around the stories proposed by Panini Comics in this first round of albums may not be easy. In fact it is possible to put the pieces together, as long as you are willing to expand your collection with some more expensive volumes. The DC Connect initiative, which involves the various Batman, Superman, Flash and Justice League in their respective hardbacks, tells the previous phases of the arches described so far and provides additional elements to better familiarize them with the most recent stories.

We will return later, possibly, to tell the background of the new DC universe, while readers can also buy the first volume of the"Best Seller" initiative, which promotes not quite recent stories that have made the history of the comics house: the debut album, which is presented in a pocket format in Bonelli style, proposes the first part of the "The court of the Owls", taken from" Batman "of 2011 by Snyder is Capullo.


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