Batman: Jiro Kuwata, the author of the manga transposition, passed away

In the last hours, the Akita Shoten publishing house has informed of the disappearance of Jiro Kuwata, Japanese author mainly known for Batman's manga adaptation. He left us on July 2nd, at the age of 85.

Kurata was born in Osaka in 1935, and entered the world of comics for the first time in '48, just 13 years old. The work for which he is best known by the western public is the Japanese transposition of the Dark Knight, published in the magazines of Weekly Shōnen King and Shōnen Gahō from 1966 to 1967.

DC Comics released a physical and digital version of it in 2014, keeping the original reading setting from right to left. Kuwata also worked on the 8-Man manga with the author Kazumasa Hirai, between 1963 and 1965. The work subsequently inspired an animated series and the special episode 8 Man After OAV.

Kuwata's remaining works include Maboroshi Tantei, Chōken Leap, Gekkō Kamen, Ultra Seven, and Elite. Moving a little further on current events, Kuwata is credited as the original creator of the manga 8 Man vs Cyborg 009, launched on July 18 and still ongoing. Currently, Kyoichi Nanatsuki and the artist Masato Hayase are solely responsible for the publication.

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Batman Beyond: big surprises for the character of Damian Wayne. Batman's new suit, introduced in the main series, will play an important role in future chapters.


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