Batman Day, waiting for Gotham Knights: three games to celebrate the Dark Knight

In September, an important appointment takes place in the DC environment: in fact, during the month it is celebrated one of the most iconic heroes born within the historic US publishing house.

With the Batman Day, it pays homage to dark Knight, the complex and shadowy protector of Gotham City. A true icon of the world of comics, over the years the character has carved out a role of increasing depth also in other universes, from cinema to that videogame. Waiting to find out what consequences his disappearance will generate in the future Gotham Knights, the next title by Warner Bros Montréal, we offer you a brief selection of productions with which to play the role of Hooded Crusader on this special day:

Batman Arkham Asylum

Rocksteady accompanies the player in the eerie darkness of Gotham’s asylum, with a title that can be completed in relatively few hours, perfect for those who want to celebrate Batman Day with a solo adventure. To learn more, refer to the Batman Arkham Asylum review.

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Injustice 2

For those looking for a more competitive approach, to live perhaps in the company of friends, we would like to remind you of the possibility of take on the role of the Dark Knight inside the NetherRealm fighting game. More details in our Injustice 2 review.

Batman The Telltale Series

A peculiar and original declination of the DC hero universe. Structured in episodes, it can represent an interesting option to celebrate the special occasion. Only for those who are not looking for action at all costs …

These are our suggestions: we leave the word to you in the comments area, what is your favorite Batman game? To celebrate Batman Day, we’re also bringing you the best five Batman movies, the Dark Knight TV series and Batman comics you can’t miss.


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